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Fix and Stick Book

Fix and Stitch

by Barbara Nass

Illustrated by Liza Woodruff

Squirrel is busy running his tailoring shop, Fix and Stitch: Tailor for all Needs. He can thread a needle and mend a tear in the wink of an eye. But now that the leaves have fallen and the birds have flown south, it's time for Squirrel to close the shop. He must prepare his winter home before the snow comes. But just as Squirrel goes to collect materials for his winter home, neighbors arrive, needing his special talents and attention. And Squirrel just can't say no to someone asking for help, whether it's fixing a rip in a favorite coat to problem-solving a stinky situation. He is always there for his friends. But what happens if Squirrel doesn't take time to care of himself and what he needs to do? Who will be there to help him? This story offers a gentle reminder that while taking care of others is important, one still needs to make time for oneself.

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4-8 years 

Book length

32 pages




Sleeping Bear Press

Publish date

August 15, 2023

Fix and Stitch
Meet Squirrel and Neighbors

Meet Squirrel & His Neighbors

Fix and Stitch Characters


Meet Squirrel, a very creative tailor. He’s a problem solver and loves nothing more than lending a hand to others. Meet his woodland neighbors; Fox, Porcupine, Skunk and Rabbit. They have problems for Squirrel to solve. But Squirrel doesn’t seem to be able to say no, even though he must head off to build his winter home.

Delight in his neighbors’ amusing dilemmas. Check out Squirrels ingenious solutions. And find out what happens to Squirrel who keeps putting himself last.  

Fix and Stitch Characters


Fix and Stitch Characters


Fix and Stitch Characters


Fix and Stitch Characters


Fix and Stitch

Midwest Book Reviews

Reminiscent of the books by Beatrix Potter, "Fix and Stitch" by author/storyteller Barbara Nass and artist/illustrator Liza Woodruff is a charming, pleasant, gentle, entertaining, and original picture story that offers the underlying message that while taking care of others is important, we still needs to make time for ourselves. Wonderfully entertaining and beautifully illustrated, "Fix and Stitch" will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for children ages 5-8.

Sara Leef, M.Ed, School Counselor

As a school counselor, and mom, it is so refreshing to finally have an adorable story that brings to life, the idea of self care, in such a perfect way. While being kind to others is so important, and also a life lesson- we want our children to learn that taking care of themselves, and even saying 'no' to friends, is OK, and necessary, at times. I think many children are going to fall in love with Squirrel, as they hear his story- and will be cheering for him throughout the book. I hope parents, teachers, grandparents, school counselors and friends, take the time to read this book with their little ones and remind their children (and themselves) that we all matter, and we need to take care of ourselves, before we take care of everyone else. Kudos to the author, Barbara- you nailed it!

Kirkus Reviews

The appealing story of a heroic helper whose good-natured generosity is almost his undoing.






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